As you  may have heard Home Depot made headlines once again for being the latest to violate Buy American Law .  I think this wonderful but it still leaves me with a big question. Why are judges all of a sudden deciding to enforce this law while ignoring all other consumer and job protecting laws created at the same time?

The suit against Home Depot was filed by employees of another government contractor allege  clear violation of the law.  What I find  interesting is this law has gone largely unenforced for a few decades until recently.  retaliation?

Since We’re going to enforce this law maybe we should begin the process of suing to enforce other “Job Protecting”  Anti Trust laws from the same time such as  The Robinson-Patman Act. Companies like Home Depot violate The Robinson-Patman Act on  a daily basis but are never prosecuted. All of these laws came into existence to prevent the very problems we have right now. We need to enforce all or none at all.