>Ronald Reagan’s Birth Certificate Is A Fake!




  I find amount of stupidity surrounding discussions about president Obama’s Birth Certificate amazing. In response I’ve decided to pull former President Reagan’s Birth Certificate to see if the same “logic” can be applied to Reagan’s birth certificate.

I’ve noticed a few things about this document that could be used as “proof” in the same way they use their “proof”.

1. There is no raised seal indicating that the document was notarized by the state.

2. As anyone can clearly see the witness signed the date 1942. Reagan was allegedly born in 1911. Where is the real one? If it even existed

3. At the bottom is the date issued which reads June 20, 1991. Why did Reagan not present proof of his birth until 10 years after he assumed the Presidency?

  Apparently this is enough “proof” to conclude that Reagan may have been illegitimate. We should push this issue and have every disgusting bill he signed voided. Conservatives need to prove he was born in the United States.


8 Responses to “>Ronald Reagan’s Birth Certificate Is A Fake!”

  1. Robin said

    >Hahaha. I'm Facebooking this.

  2. >Everybody knows that RR was a direct descendant of the devil and consequently had now citizenship whatsoever.

  3. Ron said

    >I heard a rumor that Reagan was part of a union, and we all know those are destroying America.

  4. Kevin said

    >Your logic is backwords, where and when did you forge this! The stupididy of your foolishness is this. If Obama is NOT a natural born American, he is not the presidant. Wich means Healthcare is not a law…Bad news, that leaves us with Biden till we have a runoff election. Oh BTW, if it is proved, and there is strong evidance to prove that piece of paper was in Adobe Photo shop. ALL the offending parties involved comitted treason, punishable by death via military tribunal. How serious is this dumb issue! Your country depends on it.

  5. >Kevin you're delusional…. That "strong evidence" has been debunked already but your small uneducated mind will continue to look only at things that "prove" what you want to believe. This goes from everything from science to this… You're a pathetic bunch

  6. Jon said

    >The obama digital file that you can download (currently on whitehouse.gov) is a pdf file. Opening it in Illustrator shows layers and tampering.My only two questions are "why was it tampered with so much?" and "what is Obama hiding?"

  7. >Jon it was copied onto the green paper… get me a copy of yours I can find the exact same "tampering". If I could get a New Copy of Reagan's I would also see the same "tampering". The argument has already been debunked. Please do research outside of people who believe thew same as you do.

  8. >@ Kevin by your Logic … If we prove Reagan's was fake than the tax rate would go back to 70% on high earners(as it should be) and Social security would be saved as Reagan stole from it in 1982…

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