>Mark Warner to put Social Security on the chopping block



Mark Warner Democrat from Virginia

Mark Warner on “Face the Nation” stated that the supposed “Bipartisan Gang of six” will refuse to look into raising taxes but will take a look at Social Security.

“We’re going to make everybody mad with our approach“because we’re touching every part of the problem all the entitlement programs, looking at how you make Social Security more sustainable.”


Just who is “everybody” Mr. Warner? From this angle it looks like you’re willing to throw workers under the bus in order to protect the corporate and wealthy tax cuts and loop holes.

Warner’s Rationale for a possible attack on Social Security is this

” There are 16 workers for every one retiree 50 years ago, three workers for every retiree now.”

This of course is an old tired Conservative talking point that is highly deceptive and proven absurdity. The Numbers they use reflect the rates from around 1950 to 1951. These numbers are in fact a statistical anomaly which resulted from an influx of new people into the program. In fact by 1955 that number was cut in half and by 1975 the rate was at it’s current number. The fact is even a 2:1 ratio is sustainable so long as the economy either remains stable or is growing. Isn’t it amazing how the ratio has been about the same for around forty years and the program hasn’t yet failed to supply adequate benefits? Mark Warner should know better than to spread such absurdity. This is another corporate point in the ultimate attempt to privatize and take possession of Social Security and Medicare.


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